3 Different Types of Limos

Limousines, also known as limos are luxury vehicles that come in not only a variety of colors but also shapes and sizes. These types of cars have onboard amenities; they are longer than the average vehicles and are not an everyday car since they are hired for special occasions most of the times. Some are so luxurious they even have Jacuzzis. These are some of the reasons they are associated with wealth with many people hires them to impress others. They are hired for weddings, wine tours, prom parties and birthdays among other events. Here are three different types of limousines.

SUV Limousines 

An SUV limo is perfect, especially when going on vacation with family or friends. This type of limousine has become very popular for those seeking limo services not only because of its size but also due to its power. It is a great choice for any transport in the countryside. It is kid-friendly with ample space for strollers and luggage, you do not have to worry about space as the seating is very spacious, there is television and a powerful music system so no need to worry about being bored. For the adults, there is a bar to chill your champagne or beer. Above all, it offers the luxury and the comfort that you need while enjoying the sights along the way.

Sedan limousine 

For passengers not exceeding 3, the sedan limo is the best option. It is mostly an option for business travelers or even couples who do not want to use cabs or public transport that is less reliable. It is quite convenient for an airport pick-up and drop-off. Although it is smaller than all the other types of limousines and less expensive, it offers luxury and comfort just the way you would like.

Super stretch limousine

 There are a stretch and super stretch limousines that have become quite common to all age groups. Stretch limousines are a perfect option for a group of as from 6 to 10 passengers depending on its size. They are longer than the sedans although shorter than the super stretch ones making them a favorite for several business associates. Super stretch limousines, on the other hand, have a larger capacity of even up to 20 people sitting comfortable. To sit comfortably, get a number that is less than the actually capacity of the limo. Due to their size, these kinds of limos are used for events such as weddings, prom nights, birthdays, graduation, vacations and wine tours among others as they have a capacity of more than four people. This kind of limo services is also a favorite for many due to the onboard amenities such as Jacuzzis, sound system, bars, hot tubs as well as televisions and exotic lighting. The best part is that they can be quite affordable and depending on the theme of the event, you can hire a limo with a color that you want. You also get to choose the model that you prefer as there is a variety of them.

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