How to Acquire the Best Limo Service

Deciding to hire a limousine can be very easy, especially if you know what you’re looking for, but if it’s your first time then there are a variety of factors to consider. Always remember that there are many great limousine services out there, but there are also those that promise quality service but fail to deliver. Before choosing to hire a limo company, make sure you’ve done your homework so that you can get your money’s worth.

The most important step in acquiring the best limo service is research. Scout for the companies near you and look them up online. Read reviews about each company to know how people think of their service. Consider companies with at least 4-star reviews on Google or those that are highly recommended by people you know and those on the internet. Check if the name of the owner as well as their telephone number is posted on their website, so that you’ll know if the company is legitimate or not. Legitimate websites will include important and specific information about their fleet, including the year, model, make, and basic features of each vehicle. Also, check if they have posted photos of their limousines to at least give you an idea about the quality of their cars or if they have the one you are searching for. Other important factors you have to consider are the amenities, price, coach quality and safety. 

Amenities and Features

Limousines have various amenities ranging from the most basic to the most luxurious. Depending on a customer’s preferences, limos may be equipped with whatever you can imagine to serve the needs of its passengers. These amenities include fully stocked mini bars, mini fridges, and high-quality entertainment systems with gadget support. More luxurious and sometimes outrageous features include video games consoles, super plush or decked out interiors, neon lighting, and even stripper poles. It is important to know what you like so that your chosen limo provider can customize the experience for you.

Aside from the amenities, it is important to know the safety features of the limousine you will be renting. It is important to check for the availability of fire extinguishers and first aid kits. Stretch limos should have a 5th door that can serve as a safety exit in case of emergencies.

Furthermore, make sure that the year & model of their limousines is up-to-date and of high-quality. Note that a high-quality coach can only be done by a certified coach builder, and will have a “maximum load” sticker on the back. Never get into a limo without this sticker.

Also, it is not advisable to accept limo models from 2010 or older, because these vehicles may be way past their prime. Despite low miles and regular maintenance, older vehicles may have higher safety risks compared to newer models. You may also ask advice from a car expert to know if the rental you’re planning to get is good enough to get your money’s worth. 


In terms of pricing, take note of how much you are willing to spend for your limo rental. Each company may charge differently, some have packages and some may charge by the hour. If possible, you may ask the limo company to provide a breakdown of costs so you know where every cent of your money will be going.

As soon as you’ve gone through the specifics, and you’ve decided to hire a certain limo service, make sure to visit their garage to inspect the limousine you will be renting. Walk around the vehicle, and check for defects and features mentioned above. Ask questions. It is always your right to do so that you know you are acquiring the best limo service for you.

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